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Patient Testimonials

Matt’s Testimonial

Matt is from California. He had 2 Morton’s neuromas surgically removed from one foot and was virtually unable to walk after his surgery when he came to see us. He had Ultrasound Guided Radiofrequency Ablations and Platelet Rich Plasma infusions is now very active again.

This is his short testimonial.

To see Matt’s full video testimonial (8 min:43 sec) CLICK HERE


Manual’s Testimonial

Manual is from Springfield, MA and had been previously trested with corticosteriod injections for his Morton’s neuroma. He had one Ultrasound Guided Cryoablation procedure and is now painfree.

This is testimonial:


James’ Testimonial:

James is from Virginia and suffered for many years with 2 Morton’s neuromas in the same foot. He had Ultrasound Guided Neurolytic Injections for his Morton’s neuromas at our center. He had searched for 3 years all around Baltimore, Virginia and Washington DC for treatment for his debilitating Morton’s neuromas before coming to see us. Now her can enjoy all his previous activities.

This is a short except from his testimonial:


To hear James’ full testimonial (7 min:42 sec) CLICK HERE


Erin’s Testimonial

Erin sent us this quote with the photo below:


“Thank you note to Dr. Pearl and team!

12 weeks after my procedure I ran the Boston Marathon and before having the procedure I was in pain walking barefoot, I was in pain running, I was in pain when I woke up. 

I am so happy I found the Center for Morton’s Neuroma and Dr. Pearl!!”





Sonia’s Testimonial:

Sonia is from Texas and had bilateral Ultrasound Guided Neurolytic Injections. Sonia suffered from Morton’s neuroma for many years and couldn’t even function at her work. After only 3 weeks her initial treatment, her coworkers are now commenting on her walking ability at work.

This is a short except from her testimonial:


To see Sonia’s full video testimonial (5 min:05 sec) CLICK HERE



Barbara’s Testimonial:

Barbara is from Massachusetts and had Ultrasound Guided Neurolytic Injections. Barbara suffered from Morton’s neuroma for many years and couldn’t even walk one block. She is now back walking 5-6 miles every day.

This is a short excerpt from her testimonial:

To see Barbara’s full video testimonial (6 min:14 sec) CLICK HERE



Andrea’s Testimonial:

Andrea is a physician (MD) from Massachusetts and had Ultrasound Guided Cryosurgery (Cryoablation).



Tracy’s Testimonial:

Tracy is from Texas and had Ultrasound guided Neurolytic Injections.  Tracey suffered from Morton’s neuroma for 10 years and could hardly walk. She now walks normally and recently attended a wedding wearing 4 inch high heels (which we don’t recommend).

This is a short excerpt from her testimonial:

To see Tracy’s full video testimonial (4 min:51 sec) CLICK HERE


Laura F’s Written Testimonial:

Laura is from Virginia and had an Ultrasound guided Neurolytic Injection.

Good morning Debbie,

It has been a couple of weeks and I wanted to let Dr. Pearl and you know that I have been pain free since leaving your office.  It has been wonderful to walk and play tennis again!  Please pass on to Dr. Pearl my sincere appreciation for both the focused and compassionate care she provided.

And a big thank you to you also for making everything as simple and comfortable as possible.


Laura F’s recent online review:




Jay L’s Written Testimonial:






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