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After suffering with Morton’s neuroma for years, Mark Pearl MD figured out what to do and eventually started The Center for Morton's Neuroma. See his story.
We see the most complex, technically difficult patients imaginable that other places won't see. We see them and we treat them. This is a testimonial from Glen who says that "no
After suffering with Morton’s neuroma for 3-4 years, Ken came to see us and now couldn’t be happier.
Joe had suffered with Morton’s neuroma for eight years and could barely walk only wearing crocs. Now Joe is blissfully unaware of his foot and has no foot pain whatsoever.
Vivienne had five neurectomies and three stump neuromas before she came to us. Now her pain is down 50% and improving.
After a Morton’s neuroma procedure, Selene can now wear any shoe she wants and be on her feet all day and is still pain free at the end of the
Gail suffered with Morton’s neuroma for a year and couldn’t walk on the beach. She was skeptical about coming to see us but came anyway and had an ultrasound guided
Dee hurt her foot while running up the stairs which got worst with time and soon she hurt her 2nd foot hurt too. Now after her procedure, her right foot
Chip is a runner and he had unbearable pain in his left foot. Now, he is back to normal 2 days after the procedure and there are no side effects
Catherine is a nurse and is on her feet all day long. For about the last 2 years, after work at the end of the day, she used to feel
Brett has been in excruciating pain for a very long time (about 20 years) but since his first procedure here, he got 25 % pain relief. His pain has gone
Mitch is a 61 year old active male who had a neuroma between his 2nd and 3rd toes on his left foot. He suffered with the neuroma for almost
Rick came from Canada for Morton’s neuroma treatment. Previously his pain was so bad that every step he took was in pain. Now his condition and quality of life has
John is a runner from Kentucky but couldn’t run due to his Morton’s neuroma. Now, 10 weeks after his ablation, he now doesn’t feel any more foot pain and has
Ari had a Morton’s neuroma which was so bad that at times he couldn’t even weight bear on his right foot & also had pain on his left foot. He
Matt was a patient here at The Center for Morton's Neuroma and was treated for his neuroma 3 years ago. Read his update here.
Jeff had a Morton’s neuroma which was so bad he couldn’t wear shoes and could only wear flip flops. Now after ultrasound guided cryoablation he is back to working driving
Dr Tom talks about his Morton’s neuroma before and after treatment at our center. This is the short testimonial after his treatment.

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