Mitch’s audio testimonial after his neuroma surgery

Mitch is a 61 year old active male who had a neuroma between his 2nd and 3rd toes on his left foot. He suffered with the neuroma for almost two years. As time passed, the scale of the pain progressed to an 8 out of 10. He finally sought treatment in his hometown. He was given a series of unguided injections by his doctor but the injections did not resolve the pain. He also tried special orthotic shoe inserts but the inserts did not work either.

After several months of treatment the doctor suggested surgery for Mitch. While waiting to have the surgery (Excision), he and his wife started researching to see if anything else other than the prescribed surgery could be done to eliminate the neuroma and the pain from it.

He found the Center for Mortonu2019s Neuroma through the internet and after several phone calls and conversations he had his one and only treatment in March of 2019. Below is his story.


Please describe your experience at the Center for Mortonu2019s Neuromau2026.

Everyone at the Center was very kind to me and my wife. Dr. Gosal is a wonderful, caring person. She and her assistant guided me through the testing and procedure. They explained everything and told me what to expect next as we went through the process.

What did you have done at the Center for Mortonu2019s Neuroma?

On day one, I had testing done to determine the preferred treatment for my neuroma. On day two, I had the procedure completed. The prescribed treatment utilized ultrasound guided cryoablation. The neuroma was frozen at three different locations along the length of it for 90 seconds each.

How bad was your pain prior to seeing us?

The pain had progressed over a period of months. It had gotten to the point that it was debilitating at times. Pain sometimes was 8 out of 10. When my foot got like that, I could not walk and had to get off the neuroma for a period of time for it to calm down.

How debilitating was the pain for you?

Walking barefoot in the house on hard surfaces, wearing dress shoes, wearing certain casual footwear and wearing work boots had become u201cno-nou2019su201d for me. Doing those things for a short period of time would set the neuroma off. Pain could be really bad at times and I would have to get off of my feet. When I was not in public places, I usually would take off my shoe and rub my foot and toes to get it to calm down.

What can you do now that you couldnu2019t do before?

I am totally pain free. I am doing everything I used to do. I am back to wearing all of my shoes and walking or running wherever I want to go without regard to the neuroma.

How long has it been since your last procedure?

It has been 2 months since my procedure. I could tell within a couple of days that the procedure was working. Within a week, I was totally pain free. Been that way since. Before I came to the Center, I had several discussions with Wendy Williams. We talked about how it usually takes two treatments for most people before the pain is totally gone. So, I had factored in two treatments. I am surprised and happy that only one treatment totally fixed my neuroma.

Is there anything you would like to say to prospective patients who are considering coming to our Center?

I have no reason to make the Center out to be something that it is not nor do I have any business interest in the Center. I live 750 miles away and unfortunately may never see them again. But everything I was told and everything that happened during my testing and procedure were exactly like they were spelled out to me from the beginning. They were nice, helpful, truthful and their procedure worked on me! What more could you ask for?

Were the procedures painful at all? Be honest!

Dr. Gosal always gave me warnings before a procedure that may cause pain to me. However, she was always overboard how it would feel. I did not experience much pain at all during anything that was done to me. When they stuck me with a needle the first time to numb the area was the most of it and that is not much. My wife and I watched the procedure on the ultrasound screen and I did not have any pain during the cryoablation treatment. I can tolerate pain fairly well, but the truth is other than a needle stick the procedure did not hurt.

I did not require any medication back at the motel after the treatment. I did not have any discomfort at any time after the procedure.

What would you say about the investment of time and money for your treatment?

I spent a lot of money traveling with my wife to get to the Center. Since I live 750 miles away, we flew into Boston and stayed 3 nights at a motel near the Center. The good news is my insurance appears to have covered the procedure. The membership fee was not covered.

To get back to where I am today was worth the amount of money I spent in total. I have no scars, no pain and am back to new again. I had the luxury of only needing one treatment and I also had the bonus of seeing part of New England and Boston which I had never seen before.

Is there anything else that we havenu2019t covered you would like to share?

I was afraid of my Doctoru2019s prescribed surgery after doing research and watching the procedure on youtube. The healing process took weeks, they were to sever and strip nerves from my toes, the surgery would have left a scar on the top of my foot, and there was no guarantee that the surgery would work.

Donu2019t hesitate to go to the Center of Mortonu2019s Neuroma. Everything is for real and it worked for me. Hopefully it will work for you too. My testament is that the whole ordeal was worth it to get back to pre-neuroma condition and I did it without surgery. I am happy with my decision to go to the Center for Mortonu2019s Neuroma.

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