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Welcome to The Center for Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma foot neuromaWe are a specialized concierge center that works together with Complete Pain Care to treat Morton’s neuroma (and Plantar Fasciitis.)

We specialize in treating Morton’s neuroma and Plantar Fasciitis. We aim to cure your Morton’s neuroma or Plantar Fasciitis without surgery by using the most appropriate non-surgical procedure.

We are committed to providing you with a customized treatment plan for your Morton’s neuroma (or Plantar Fasciitis) based on your medical needs ranging from simple medication and physical therapy to guided ablation procedures and, if necessary, as a very last resort, surgery.

We are the only center (that we know of) to provide such a wide spectrum of treatments for Morton’s neuroma so we can offer our patients the most appropriate non-surgical procedure to cure their Morton’s neuroma pain. Click here to see a list of the non-surgical Morton’s neuroma procedures we offer.

In keeping with our mission, our staff is dedicated to working with you in a supportive and friendly environment to develop a treatment plan tailored to your particular needs. Under the leadership of Janet D. Pearl, M.D., M.Sc. who has had over 20 years of experience, we utilize an integrated, multidisciplinary team approach that facilitates superior care by drawing on the expertise of numerous highly trained professionals in a variety of specialties.

Don’t let your Morton’s neuroma get you down

Plantar FasciitisIf you or someone you care about is suffering from Morton’s neuroma for longer than one month, or if your pain is so severe that you are having difficulty walking, running or just functioning, it’s time to seek professional help from a clinic that specializes in treating Morton’s neuroma that can provide a wide range of treatment options. Often, Morton’s neuroma creates a vicious cycle. It can cause changes in your posture, mood and activity level. Because movement is painful, you might start to avoid exercise and routine activities. This inactivity and avoidance of weight bearing on your affected foot leads to poor posture, weakening the muscles supporting your foot and ankle resulting in worse posture and continued foot problems – not to mention giving up on the activities you enjoy.

What is Morton’s neuroma?

Morton’s neuromaIf you’ve ever had the feeling of walking around with a rock in your shoe, then you might understand the first symptoms of Morton’s neuroma. Often, this condition causes you to feel as if a rock is stuck in your shoe, your sock is bunched up, or something is poking you in the ball of the foot.

Although the word neuroma can sometimes conjure up images of cancer, it is not a cancerous tumor. Instead, it is a thickening of the tissue surrounding a nerve that serves the upper foot and toes. In general, Morton’s neuroma does not indicate any serious pathology of the foot, and it is common and treatable. For more information on Morton’s neuroma see: What is it.

We’ll find the right treatment for you

We will develop a complete multi-disciplinary treatment plan to best treat your Morton’s neuroma (or Plantar Fasciitis.) We do not have a cookie cutter approach – we’ll select from an appropriate combination of state-of-the-art techniques, medications, physical therapy and if necessary as a last resort surgery to achieve success. Our philosophy is to treat your Morton’s neuroma with the most appropriate non-surgical treatment for you and only resort to surgery as a very last option. Any surgery carries certain risks and so we offer a broad range of ultrasound guided procedures, which we can exhaust before recommending surgery. However we will recommend surgery if non-surgical approaches have been exhausted or are inappropriate.


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Full spectrum of treatments for Morton’s neuroma

Should I have Mortons neuroma surgery
Should I have Morton’s neuroma surgery? Click the the picture to see

We are the only center (that we know of) to provide the widest spectrum of treatments available to treat Morton’s neuroma. This allows us to tailor your treatment so that it is right for you. We carefully consider all your previous treatments, your specific needs as well as all the options open to us to create an individual treatment plan that is best for you.

Treatments we offer include:


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