Chip’s Video Testimonial

After Cyroablation, Chip is back on his feet and able to enjoy his life

Chip is a runner and he had unbearable pain in his left foot. Now, he is back to normal 2 days after the procedure and there are no side effects making a huge difference in his ability to enjoy life.

Chip is from Texas and loves to run marathons around the world. Unfortunately, he began to feel pain in his left foot during long runs. One day, while visiting a running store in Boston, he found a flyer about Morton’s Neuroma, which lead him to the Center for Morton’s Neuroma. He had one Ultrasound-Guided Cryoablation and now he is able to run again. Check his full testimonial here.


My name is Chip and I live in Plano Texas. I’ve been a long-time runner and have spent a lot of time, uh, on my feet. About a year and a half ago, the pain in my left foot become just almost unbearable to run, uh, especially of any distances. I’d have to run and stop, take my shoe off, massage my foot, put the shoe back on, take of running again. My foot would start to hurt again, take the shoe off, massage my foot (laughs) and take of running again, getting to really impair my enjoyment of the sport. So I knew I needed to do something.

So it was interesting, it was actually done over two days. The first day, I was asked to actually go and run and make my foot hurt, which was an interesting experience to actually try to get your, to make the pain happen. Ended up going and running for about four and a half miles. And by the time I got back, it was, it was good and irritated.

Then went in for preliminary assessment. They did some ultrasounds and really targeted where the pain was, where they would end up, um, doing a procedure to give me the greatest relief. They did a cryoablation, which involved putting small, pearls of liquid nitrogen around the nerve. A great deal of relief almost immediately.

Through the next couple of days, my foot was very sore, very tender. I used ice packs a lot to keep the swelling down and to make the pain more comfortable. From there was back in dress shoes, back at work the following Tuesday, with, you know, no lingering side effects or any other challenges.

The procedure was quick, it was relatively painless, you know, in comparison the Morton’s neuroma, and I was really back on my feet within two days of the procedure and with no significant pain challenges. It made a huge difference in just my ability to enjoy life.

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