Jeff’s video testimonial after his cryoablation

Jeff had a Morton’s neuroma which was so bad he couldn’t wear shoes and could only wear flip flops. He couldn’t work and couldn’t even drive his car because of his foot pain. Now after ultrasound guided cryoablation he is back to working driving and working out. Watch his testimonial.

To see Jeff’s video testimonial (1 min:8 sec) CLICK HERE


Jeff: Hi, my name is Jeff and I have a Morton’s neuroma. It was so bad that I couldn’t wear shoes. I went barefoot everywhere. I was in flip flops, was the only thing I could wear for six months. Basically it ruined my whole summer. I couldn’t work out. I couldn’t work, I couldn’t drive my car. Now I’m … Had treatment, cryo-

Speaker 2: Cryoablation.

Jeff: … cryoablations. Now I am working out, working full-time. I’m in work shoes, I’m in dress shoes.

It’s just been unbelievable experience that I was at the point of getting my foot cut open and I wasn’t keen on that. Now I’m just ecstatic. I’m working out every day, working full-time, driving all over the place. So I’m just extremely … I would recommend this to anybody.

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