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Joe had suffered with Morton’s neuroma for eight years and could barely walk only wearing crocs. Now Joe is blissfully unaware of his foot and has no foot pain whatsoever.
Previously Joe had suffered with Morton’s neuroma for 8 years, progressively getting worse until he could only wear Crocs and eventually couldn’t walk much at all. He was accustomed to doing medical research and checked out our treatments for Morton’s neuroma before his procedure. Within 2 weeks after his ultrasound guided procedure, he was back to his activities and wearing his shoes again. Now Joe is blissfully unaware of his foot and has no foot pain whatsoever. He is very satisfied with his treatment.


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What’s going on is that nothing’s going on. I don’t even notice the foot most days. I’m just blissfully unaware. I’m out doing everything that I want to be doing. Literally zero problems. Before I came in for treatment, I had had this off and on for about eight years. It started out at first just bothering me when I went barefoot. Until a year or so ago, I was just wearing Crocs all the time. It was the only shoe I could wear that didn’t bother me. And I stopped walking. I stopped going places. So that’s when I went searching for options. And here, an hour drives from my house, I found The Center for Morton’s Neuroma and Dr. Pearl.

So I did my research. Obviously, I checked out Dr. Pearl and I was like, “Holy cow.” I was impressed with her credentials, and I started researching the different technologies and techniques and treatments that she used and found out, “Hey, these are really good treatments, legitimate. She’s just applying it in a new way.”

So I came in, and I’m just amazed. Within two weeks, I was back to every activity and I started putting on old shoes that I hadn’t put on for a while, and I was a little nervous. I was like, “Oh, is this going to kick it up?” Nothing. I’m so grateful because now I’m going back on long hikes with my wife, climbing hills, and doing stuff that I had stopped doing for a while. The environment at The Center for Morton’s Neuroma was fantastic. Everybody seemed relaxed and happy, like they were enjoying their work, and Dr. Pearl was a gem. She was warm, she was friendly, she answered all my questions. I felt like, “Okay, I’m in good hands.” I would say the procedure itself was less painful than I was anticipating. The benefits, what it has given me, is way worth the time, the financial cost, and the minimal discomfort of going through the procedure.

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