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We have been treating Morton’s neuroma patients for over 20 years

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The Center for Morton’s neuroma works together with Complete Pain Care to provide specialized care to patients with Morton’s neuroma. We are committed to providing personalized care and unparalleled access to a complete range of products and services specifically for patients suffering from Morton’s neuroma and we can give you the correct treatment for you to ensure that you get back to your life…quickly.

Our Aim Is To Avoid Surgery. We are the only dedicated Morton’s neuroma center (that we know of) that offers a complete range of cutting edge non-surgical treatments for your Morton’s neuroma. So we tailor a treatment plan that is right for you. Our philosophy is to treat your Morton’s neuroma with the most appropriate non-surgical treatment for you. We offer a broad range of ultrasound guided procedures, which we can exhaust before recommending surgery. As a last resort, if needed, we also organize, co-ordinate and monitor your surgical treatment. However we will only recommend surgery if non-surgical approaches have been exhausted or are inappropriate.

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We promise to listen to you to fully understand the medical, social and work issues related to your Morton’s neuroma. Morton’s neuroma can debilitate the lives of those afflicted. We pledge to act as your trusted partner to help you restore your life as much as possible.

Together, we will provide the best solution for you. Our experienced staff is dedicated to working with you in a supportive and friendly environment to develop your own treatment plan.

We are committed to listening to our patients, evaluating and diagnosing their pain, as well as assessing their function and aspects of their life affected by pain. We work closely with our patients, as well as their physicians and allied health care providers to develop a complete, multi-disciplinary treatment plan that will quickly improve their quality of life and help them return to the person they used to be.

We offer a number of procedures to treat Morton’s neuroma without surgery. To see the treatments we offer for Morton’s neuroma click here.

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Dr. Janet Pearl, MD, Msc

Medical Director at The Center for Morton’s Neuroma
Medical Director

Janet D. Pearl, MD, MSc

Dr. Janet Pearl has been in practice since 1999 and is the Medical Director of the Center for Morton’s Neuroma and the Medical Director of Complete Pain Care, an interventional and integrated Pain Management program both located in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Previously, Dr. Pearl was the Co-Director of the Pain Management Center at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, where she was also the Director of the Pain Management Fellowship program.

Emily Pepyne, DPM, MPH

Podiatrist at The Center for Morton’s Neuroma

Emily Pepyne, DPM, MPH

Dr Emily Pepyne is a Board-Certified Podiatric Surgeon. She is board certified in Podiatric Medicine, forefoot, rearfoot reconstructive and ankle surgery. She has extensive experience in Morton’s neuroma, (including Morton’s neuroma surgery) as well as regenerative medicine of the foot. She is excited to offer proven non-surgical solutions to Morton’s neuroma patients.

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Our Recommended Morton’s Neuroma Treatments:
Ultrasound Guided Ablations


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