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In order to provide you with the specialist care and wide range of treatment options that our dedicated Morton’s neuroma center provides, we do not accept any insurance payments (except Medicare). 

We are committed to providing personalized care and unparalleled access to a complete range of products, services specifically for patients suffering from Morton’s neuroma and Plantar Fasciitis. 

Through our practice model, we relieve many of the frustrations of patients today.

Healthcare Delivered the Way it Should Be

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Costs and Prices

Our Morton’s neuroma provider is not a member of any health plan network (except basic Medicare.) You are required to pay for services delivered on the day of care. You can call our practice ahead of time for a quote on any services we provide. You may ask for a copy of your medical record or procedure notes and you can file an insurance claim directly to your insurance company. We do not file any patient insurance claims (except Medicare). 

For more information about our medical practice see our FAQs.

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