Rick’s Video Testimonial from Canada

Rick came from Canada for Morton’s neuroma treatment. Previously his pain was so bad that every step he took was in pain. Now his condition and quality of life has improved “orders of magnitude.” He can now golf 2-3 times per week. Watch his short video below.
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Rick: I’m Rick from Canada.

Speaker 2: Could you please describe your experience at The Center for Morton’s Neuroma?

Rick: My experience at the center was positive from the minute I began to talk with Wendy Williams to the point where I had the procedure for the neuroma completed. The center was a very significant source of information in that it helped. It helped me to understand what exactly was causing the pain. Then more importantly, the center offered me what the options were to deal with it. The experience for me overall was extremely positive.

Speaker 2: How bad was your pain prior to coming to see us?

Rick: At one point, it was a 9 on a scale of 10. I was on crutches at various points. Actually, the ball in my foot was swollen because of the neuroma and perhaps a related condition like bursitis. But through the use of significant doses of cortisone, which was always effective for about a month. I was able to at best get that pain level to a five in which case every step I took, I took in pain. Cortisone was basically a deal with the devil for want of a better term. It fooled me into thinking that magically, the neuroma was going to go away. Then unfortunately, it would always come roaring back at which point I had finally drawn the conclusion that the options as were presented to me by the center were either a neurectomy which had a number of possible bad side effects. Or this approach, which was as it was presented to me, either an ablation using heat or even cryoablation was discussed as well.

Well, I have another three weeks ago, but if I were going to use the scale that I previously used, it would be one or less. If discomfort is a 0.5, then I’m currently at a 0.5. My condition today is orders of magnitude different. I can walk normally. I set out for myself the criteria of being able to golf. I’m out golfing two or three times a week. I haven’t had the opportunity obviously at skiing, but there’s no reason I wouldn’t be able to ski. So far, the results are amazing. My quality of life has improved orders of magnitude. I’m very, very grateful for the manner in which the clinic treated me from the minute I contacted you to the minute I… Well, to today for providing this testimony.

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