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10 Signs you may have Morton’s neuroma

Do you have foot pain or metatarsalgia? What are the 10 signs that you may have Morton’s neuroma? We specialize in treating Morton’s neuroma.

Alcohol sclerosing injections Vs Alcohol neurolytic injections

Alcohol sclerosing Vs Alcohol neurolytic injections for Morton’s neuroma We discuss the difference and importance. We specialize in treating Mortons neuroma

What shoes should I wear for Morton’s neuroma?

We are often asked what shoes should I get for my Morton’s neuroma? Shoes are critical in preventing and treating Morton’s neuroma.Our recommendations are..

What conditions mimic Morton’s neuroma?

Morton’s neuroma often mimics other musculoskeletal and neurological conditions of the foot, which makes it quite challenging to accurately diagnose.

Morton’s neuroma ultrasound: visualizing Vs diagnosing Morton’s neuroma

What is the exact effectiveness and role of ultrasound in Morton’s neuroma? We still get a lot of questions about  ultrasound in Morton’s neuroma. The key is that use and role of ultrasound in Morton’s varies in diagnosis versus treatment.

Ultrasound has different roles in treating Morton’s neuroma versus diagnosing Morton’s neuroma.

Treatment: Ultrasound is extremely helpful in visualizing Morton’s neuroma. This is the key component in ultrasound-guided procedures. Ultrasound guidance increases the accuracy and effectiveness of procedures that we use to treat Morton’s neuroma.

Diagnosis: Visualizing Morton’s neuroma also helps with excluding other diagnoses but just because you can see and visualize the Morton’s neuroma doesn’t mean you can make the diagnosis. Many people have asymptomatic Morton’s and the size of a Morton’s neuroma is not correlated to the level of pain. This means that just because we can visualize your Morton’s neuroma, doesn’t mean that your foot pain is due to your Morton’s.

Morton’s neuroma ultrasound

Furthermore, even if you can’t see a Morton’s neuroma on MRI or Ultrasound, you may still have a very small Morton’s that that is too small to be seen clearly on an Ultrasound or an MRI but still causes all your pain and discomfort. (Remember the size is not correlated to the level of pain.)

The diagnosis of Morton’s neuroma is a clinical diagnosis i.e. not a diagnosis that is made by any radiological test. It can be a difficult diagnosis.

If there is any uncertainty, you should have a diagnostic injection performed by a clinician experienced in these to confirm the diagnosis.

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