Some simple and effective treatments for Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is a physical condition, which is characterized by a sharp pain in the toes and the ball of the foot. This is usually very painful and can severely impact the personal mobility of the patient. The are certain simple treatments which are effective in early stage Morton’s. These treatment options are diverse in nature, starting with basic orthotics and physical therapy, leading up to corticosteroid injections. For more resistant Morton’s interventional medical procedures are very effective for the treatment of the Morton’s neuroma. However, in rare cases where these methods fail, surgical options are recommended.

Basic treatment options

Following are some simple Morton’s neuroma treatment options which are effective in providing relief to affected patients:

Orthotic devices: These devices are fit into the shoes of patients having this condition to re- position certain parts of the foot for stress reduction. Off the shelf orthotics and even better, custom orthotics can help and even resolve early Morton’s Neuroma cases.

As these fail, Morton’s Neuroma becomes complex and can no longer be treated through orthotic devices. In such cases, treatments like deep tissue massage, physical therapy and stretching exercises are recommended.

Morton's neuroma stretch

Modification in footwear and the right type of physical therapy along with proper medications are the good treatment options, which can be effective in alleviating the pain and reducing the symptoms of this problem.

Corticosteroid injections: These injections are frequently used along with physical therapy and medications to deal with Morton’s Neuroma. The steroids are injected directly usually under ultrasound guidance into the nerve where inflammation is taking place to improve mobility and ease pain. In 30% of the cases, medical therapy and corticosteroid injections completely treat Morton’s Neuroma.


In more severe cases of Morton’s Neuroma where either the condition has been diagnosed after persisting for a few months or simple methods of treatments have failed, procedures such as Ultrasound guided radiofrequency ablation, Ultrasound guided cryotherapy ablation, and Ultrasound guided neurolytic procedures are performed. If a patient visits the doctor during the initial stages, the likelihood of being cured through basic Morton’s neuroma treatment options is high. However, in cases where this problem is caused mostly because of sports injury or natural foot deformity, surgical treatment becomes mandatory.

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