Morton’s neuroma progression over the years

Morton's neuroma

In some cases, Morton’s Neuroma is diagnosed early, in other cases it is diagnosed latter.

When it is diagnosed early, you may have some intermittent foot pain that is worse with weight bearing activities like walking or running. Some people will go to a healthcare provider with these intermittent symptoms. If this pain has started recently and the provider is experienced with Morton’s neuroma, a diagnosis of early stage Morton’s neuroma can be made and this can be treated conservatively.

In many cases, patients try to walk or run through the pain for long periods of time until eventually the pain becomes unbearable and they seek a healthcare provider. In other words, some people feel a little pain in their feet on daily basis and then this pain becomes normal for them until it get so bad they can’t bear it any more. In these cases the Morton’s neuroma is often at a later stage and cannot be treated with simple conservative treatments, so a procedure may be needed. Don’t worry even if you’ve had the pain for a long time you probably still don’t need surgery and can be effectively treated by an ultrasound guided procedure.

Therefore, it is important to get your foot looked at early by healthcare provider that has experience in diagnosing and treating Morton’s neuroma.

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