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We have chosen a select few providers who we recommend to our patients with Morton’s neuroma. We feel that they have extensive experience in helping patients with Morton’s neuroma. We are not affiliated with any of these providers and provide this as a resource to our patients.


Running shoes

We recommend Marathon Sports. They are experts at personalized foot and biomechanical analysis and have had years of experience in dealing with Morton’s neuroma patients, which helps to ensure that you will have the correct running shoes. Their Wellesley location is the closed to our center. Be sure to mention that you suffer from Morton’s neuroma. (Whenever you buy shoes, remember to always buy shoes with an adequately sized toe box.)

Morton’s Neuroma Surgery:

Should your Morton’s neuroma not respond to our ablation procedures, Dr. Pearl will confer with you and surgical colleagues here in the Boston area hospitals for a possible surgical option and we will co-ordinate your care to try to ensure that you receive the best possible treatment.


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