Sonia’s video testimonial after treatment with bilateral guided neurolytic ablations

Sonia’s Testimonial:

Sonia is from Texas and had bilateral Ultrasound Guided Neurolytic Injections. Sonia suffered from Morton’s neuroma for many years and couldn’t even function at her work. Only 3 weeks her initial treatment, her coworkers are now commenting on her walking ability at work.

This is a short except from her testimonial:

To see Sonia’s full video testimonial (5 min:05 sec) CLICK HERE


Sonia: Just go. Don’t hesitate. It’s so worth the time, effort, and money to do it. Don’t just live with the pain, you can get rid of it. I’m just so thankful. I can feel everything loosening up again. My gait is returning back to normal. It’s just been better and better every day for the past three weeks. I’m not like this athlete or anything like that, but just looking forward to just walking my dogs like I used to.