Rory’s Yelp Review

u201c..the care was terrific and the attention was unbelievableu201d

Rorys mortons neuroma yelp review

Rory’s Yelp Review:

“After years of futile treatment for Morton’s neuroma, in desperation I turned to Google and found The Center for Morton’s Neuroma. It is a concierge style medical practice (you pay $1,200 before any treatments. an annual amount) which I’m not crazy about, but if they fix my issues it’ll be well worth it. My first visit was terrific: several hours with Dr Gosel and an assistant as they did an exhaustive diagnostic to locate as close as possible the precise locations of the problem. My second visit was the treatment an my case. radio frequency ablation). Again, the care was terrific and the attention was unbelievable. About one full hour on each foot (I have neuroma on both), and I drove home. In my case insurance will pay the bulk of the costs (but not the concierge fee. obviously). Four days later. my feet are still sore from the treatment, but I am optimistic I did the correct thing. I’ll update this as time and healing unfold. So far, I highly recommend them: I was so accustomed to the doc rushing in for four minutes and giving cursory treatment then rushing off again. If this is concierge medicine, I’m all for it. I am optimistic that The Center for Morton’s Neuroma will solve my long standing neuromas.”

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