Mary’s video testimonial after Morton’s neuroma treatment in both big toes

Mary had been very active and was miserable with Morton’s pain for over 2 years in BOTH big toes. One of the hardest things for Mary was not being able to partake in agility shows with her dog. She came to The Center for Morton’s Neuroma from Wisconsin after spending a lot of time researching her options. She had ultrasound guided alcohol neurolytic ablations at the Center. Three weeks after her first ablation, she was already in an agility show pain free with her dog.

This is her SHORT testimonial after her first set of ablations. Now after her second set of Morton’s neuroma treatments, she can RUN completely pain free with her dog!

To see Mary’s full video testimonial (5 min:22 sec) CLICK HERE


Mary: I am joyful beyond words.

Speaker 2: What can you do now that you couldn’t do before?

Mary: I can hike. I can run without pain. I can … I wore heels to graduation this past weekend. Two nephews just graduated and I had not worn heels in two years.

Speaker 2: That’s awesome.

Speaker 2: So is there anything you’d like to say to anybody who’s contemplating coming to this center, perspective Marys? Anything you’d like to-

Mary: Talk to Wendy.

Speaker 2: Talk to …

Mary: Wendy will tell you … Wendy will confirm that it’s scary and she will tell you to try it. And that they will take care of here. They’ve taken awesome care of me.

Mary: Unwilling to have surgery again, and that was the option that was presented to me at home. I was unwilling to have surgery again, and the internet is a wonderful thing, and I spent January doing my homework, and found this place. It has truly given me my life back.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

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