James’ audio testimonial after Ultrasound Guided Neurolytic Ablations

James is from Virginia and suffered for many years with for 2 Morton’s neruomas in the same foot. He had Ultrasound Guided Neurolytic Injections for his Morton’s neuromas. He had searched for 3 years all around Baltimore, Virginia and Washington DC for treatment for his debilitating Morton’s neuromas before coming to see us. Now her can enjoy all his previous activities.

This is a short except from his testimonial:

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James: Now I’m able to put on a pair of dress shoes and take my wife to dinner. It’s a good thing. I’m now able to jog and ride my road bike again. I’m able to lift weights. I’m … could not be happier. It’s like I’ve got my life back again.
I had been through probably between six to eight doctors to try to get help for this condition that I had, and it’s been a long process over about three years. I did some research online, I found Dr. Pearl, and I said, “You know, I’ve got to try something because the people in Virginia, Baltimore, DC, they were unable to help me.”

Dr. Pearl had very good reviews online, and I said, “You know, it’s worth me flying up to Boston to get my life back.” And I trusted Dr. Pearl and her staff, and they did an amazing job on me.

Thank you to Dr. Pearl for all her help. It’s been amazing, it’s been amazing to get my life back.

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