What type of patients come to the Center for Morton’s neuroma?

We see a wide range of folks from the newly diagnosed Morton’s neuroma, to the patient who has suffered with Morton’s neuroma for years to the failed Morton’s neuroma surgery. The typical patients we see fall into these categories:

1.The newly diagnosed Morton’s neuroma. These patients have just been diagnosed with Morton’s neuroma and they want to come to the place that specializes in treating Morton’s neuroma. They have read about the problems associated with steroid injections and the complications from Morton’s neruoma surgery so they just want to come to place that specializes in treating Morton’s neuroma.

2.The patient who has suffered from Morton’s neuroma for years and just wants to get back to doing the things that they used to do. They have tried multiple conservative treatments and may also have tried various procedures with no success and they heard about all the complications of Morton’s neuroma surgery so they avoided surgery. They were searching on the web and just happened to stumble across our site. They are the ones that always say “Why didn’t I hear about you guys earlier?”

3.The failed Morton’s neuroma surgery. These are the unfortunate folks who have had Morton’s neuroma surgery and are now in even worse pain than before. Frequently, they can hardly stand or even walk. They were often very active before surgery and now cannot bring themselves to think that they may possibly be incapacitated with Morton’s neuroma pain for the rest of their lives. They are the ones that always say “Why didn’t I hear about you guys before I had surgery?” or “I wish I knew about you before I had surgery.”

4.The recently retired person who is in a lot of pain and cannot bear to think about spending their retirement without being active. They have worked most of their life and have spent the last few years looking forward to their retirement. Now they cannot bear the thought of spending their retirement in pain and not being able to play tennis or golf.

5.Physicians. We get quite a few physicians who hear about us and come for treatment. We have had all sorts of physicians including Cardiac Surgeons, ER Doctors, Radiologists, Internists and Psychiatrists from all over North America. These folks usually call us asking to be seen as soon as possible.

6.The professional athlete or dancer. These folks depend on their mobility for their livelihood. We have had a wide range of professionals as patients who depend on their mobility from waitresses to marathoners to dancers. They all have one thing in common: they depend on their mobility for their livelihood.

7.The patient with multiple Morton’s neuromas. Along with the post Morton’s neuroma surgery patients, these are the most difficult clinical situations that we face. They will often require multiple ultrasound guided ablation procedures along with ultrasound guided Platelet Rich Plasma injections. Treating these technically difficult cases gives all of us a great deal of professional satisfaction.

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