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10 Signs you may have Morton’s neuroma

Do you have foot pain or metatarsalgia? What are the 10 signs that you may have Morton’s neuroma? We specialize in treating Morton’s neuroma.

Alcohol sclerosing injections Vs Alcohol neurolytic injections

Alcohol sclerosing Vs Alcohol neurolytic injections for Morton’s neuroma We discuss the difference and importance. We specialize in treating Mortons neuroma

What shoes should I wear for Morton’s neuroma?

We are often asked what shoes should I get for my Morton’s neuroma? Shoes are critical in preventing and treating Morton’s neuroma.Our recommendations are..

What conditions mimic Morton’s neuroma?

Morton’s neuroma often mimics other musculoskeletal and neurological conditions of the foot, which makes it quite challenging to accurately diagnose.

Stretch Socks to treat Morton’s neuroma?

Home » Morton's neuroma non-surgical treatment » Stretch Socks to treat Morton’s neuroma?
Stretch Socks for Morton’s neuroma

Many patients with Morton’s neuroma have reported improvement in the severity of their cases by using stretch socks overnight. This method can work towards improving the overall situation especially in early stage Morton’s neuroma together with other treatments, such as low-pressure foot massage, prescribed medication, and changing footwear.

Stretch socks are used to extend the space between each toe in order to reduce the pressure exerted on the affected nerve. They can also be tied in a different manner according to the position of the neuroma and the pain directed by it. These socks lessen the pain caused by Morton’s Neuroma and can also help in the recovery phase after the surgery for quicker healing. Since these socks can be cumbersome and are only effective in early stages Morton’s neuroma or immediately post surgery, they used infrequently.

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