Names for Morton’s neuroma

How many names can you find for Morton’s neuroma?

We come across a lot of literature and research for Morton’s neuroma. In much of that literature, it is referred to simply as Morton’s nueroma. However, in a considerable amount of literature, Morton’s neuroma is referred to by other names so we thought it would be interesting to compile a list of all the names that we have seen for Morton’s neuroma.

  1. Morton’s Neuroma
  2. Morton’s Intermetatarsal Neuroma
  3. Morton’s Entrapment
  4. Morton’s Metatarsalgia
  5. Morton’s Disease
  6. Morton’s Neuropathy
  7. Morton’s Neuralgia
  8. Intermetatarsal Neuroma
  9. Intermetatarsal Space Neuroma
  10. Intermetatarsal Nerve Entrapment
  11. Interdigital Neuroma
  12. Interdigital Nerve Compression
  13. Interdigital Nerve Enlargement
  14. Joplin’s Neuroma (same as Morton’s but occurs in the 1st webspace)
  15. Plantar Neuroma
names for Morton's neuroma

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