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Matt’s Morton’s Neuroma Testimonial

Reviewed by Dr. Gossal

Hi All,

Reaching out with a brief update now that I am approaching the 3 year mark since my first treatment at the center (July 2016). I am doing extremely well and couldn’t be more grateful for your expertise and care. I’m running, hiking, cycling, lifting, etc. and cannot thank you enough for the gift of my health. I have spoken with over a dozen potential patients and am happy to share my story & encourage others to invest the time to visit the clinic. I am a vocal proponent of absolutely avoiding surgeries prior to non­invasive treatments and hope that I have helped others avoid these risks & give them hope after previously failed treatments.

I just finished graduate school at Oxford, we now live in Asia and just welcomed our first baby boy.

This is me backpacking on top of a guard tower on an unrestored portion of the Great Wall. 16 miles round trip w/ a 60 pound pack and no pain!

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