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Manual’s Testimonial after Ultrasound Guided Cryoablation for Morton’s

Manual is from Springfield, MA and had been previously treated with corticosteroid injections for his Morton’s neuroma. He had one Ultrasound Guided Cryoablation procedure here and is now painfree.

This is his testimonial:

Manual: Yeah. I had this burning pain in my foot, and I went to a regular foot doctor and he gave me an injection which worked for about a couple, 3 weeks. Online I saw this clinic in Framingham, MA which I went in there and Dr. Pearl, which is a great doctor, saw me and gave me a shot. My pain level at that time was about a 7. After that 1 shot, it’s down to 1 or less and I’m very happy. I can say to anybody that suffers from this to come down and visit her.

Speaker 2: Do you remember what the name of the shot was?

Manual: Cryoablation, or something close to that.

Speaker 2: Uh-huh. So you’re doing well now?

Manual: I’m doing great.

Speaker 2: How many cryoablation procedures did you have?

Manual: I just had 1 done.

Speaker 2: Wonderful. Terrific!

Manual: Alright. Thank you!

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