Foot Pain While Golfing – Back on the Links: Case Study

Foot Pain While Golfing Back on the links: Case Study

Foot Pain While Golfing – Back on the Links: Case Study
Colin, a 74-year-old avid golfer, experienced foot pain while golfing and walking with pain in the balls of both feet. He didn’t notice it so much at first, but gradually the pain in the balls of the feet while playing golf became worse over time.

Colin described his foot pain while golfing. “My feet feel raw with a prickling sensation and my feet ache. My pain began gradually and had been getting worse over the past 7 years until I couldn’t walk more than 15 minutes without having to stop. It was even very difficult to walk barefoot. My doctor tried a number of cortisone injections , which never took the pain away as well as oral pain medications, orthotics and some creams and ointments. Those gave me some temporary help, but the pain always came back. I want to play golf, go on walks and vacations without the golf ball feeling on the bottom of my feet! Can you help me?”

                                                                                                             “Foot pain while golfing is gone and I am delighted!”

It seems we did. Dr. Gosal did a full evaluation and a diagnostic injection to confirm which nerves were the culprits of Colin ‘s walking foot pain and once the diagnosis of Morton’s neuroma was clear, Colin was treated with a single ultrasound guided radio frequency nerve ablation in each foot.

We followed up with Colin 8 weeks later to check on his progress. Colin was thrilled and delighted to report a 90-95% improvement in the pain in both feet. He shared that his worst pain now after walking or full 18 holes of golf is a 0.5 on a pain scale of 1-10.

“I can play 18 holes of golf and carry my bag without any problems with my feet! Dr. Gosal at the staff at the Center for Morton’s Neuroma did a fabulous job. Thank you so much.”

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