Dextrose Prolotherapy for Morton’s Neuroma?

Reviewed by Janet D. Pearl, MD, MSc

Dextrose Prolotherapy is a new therapeutic option in Morton neuroma patients.

Where does it work?

Dextrose Prolotherapy is the injection of hypertonic dextrose to treat muscolskeletal problems. Recent studies showed that it was promising in the treatment of shoulder tendon problems(1),(2). It has also shown to be effective in knee osteoarthritis(3).

prolotherapy for Morton's neuroma

What about Dextrose Prolotherapy for Morton’s neuroma?

Dextrose Prolotherapy has not been shown to have much effectiveness beyond joint problems such as arthritis and tendon strains.  There there has been only one study on the use of dextrose prolotherapy in Morton’s neuroma(4). The study was published in a non scientific journal and the result were poor, with only 5 out of 17 patients being able to exercise pain free after dextrose prolotherapy treatment. Given the lack of research for the use of Dextrose Prolotherapy in Morton’s neuroma, we cannot recommend it.


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