Dee’s feet are a lot better and feels her procedure was worth it

Dee hurt her foot while running up the stairs which got worst with time and soon she hurt her 2nd foot hurt too. Now after her procedure, her right foot is perfect (90% better) and the left one is 70% better. She finds the staff very friendly and this procedure worth it.


In May, after moving to our new location, I tweaked my foot coming, running up the stairs. I thought maybe I had dislocated it or had a bursa, and it just wasn’t going away. The more and more I sat there, I realized this is Morton’s neuroma. I figured, you know, this is what I sound like to all these patients. How it felt, pinpoint, you know, stone in my shoe, numbing into the toes, barefoot sensitivity, which I never had before. I used to be able to walk barefoot all summer long.

It got worse and worse, especially working. It was really difficult – I was on my feet a lot assisting different procedures. And, uh, yeah, between the barefoot sensitivity, the, the pain at work, it was really starting to affect me. It really got to a painful point, and I went and I saw my primary care, got the referral to get an MRI done to check out what was going on in there, and was waiting to have that done, and I hurt my other foot.

My foot just kinda slid off of it and I thought, “Oh, I’ve hyper-extended it, you know. Now I’m limping back and forth. I figured we’re getting the MRIs done, let’s just do both feet and see what’s going on ’cause it became a very specific point. Different space, just on the right foot.

So I had my diagnostic done on the Friday before Thanksgiving. So, my right foot is great. It’s doing really well. I mean, it’s like 80 to 90% better and this week even feels better. And then my left and probably because of that close bursa might still be causing some more pain than the other foot. And the left was always much more painful. That’s probably at like … I mean, even this week it’s better than last week. It’s probably like 70% (better).

So right now, I’m just kind of taking care of some of the joint pain issues that I’ve got going on and then I’ll follow up. Dr. Glossal listens to you. You’ve got her full attention when you’re here for that visit, that diagnostic, and together you decide what is the best. It’s worth it. I mean, I’m blessed that I’m here. They’re so relieved.

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