We just added 2 more patient testimonials:

James’ Testimonial:

James is from Virginia and suffered for many years with for 2 Morton’s neruomas in the same foot. He had Ultrasound Guided Neurolytic Injections for his Morton’s neuromas. He had searched for 3 years all around Baltimore, Virginia and Washington DC for treatment for his debilitating Morton’s neuromas before coming to see us. Now her can enjoy all his previous activities.

This is a short except from his testimonial:

To hear James’ full testimonial (7 min:42 sec) CLICK HERE


Sonia’s Testimonial:

Sonia is from Texas and had bilateral Ultrasound Guided Neurolytic Injections. Sonia suffered from Morton’s neuroma for many years and couldn’t even function at her work. Only 3 weeks her initial treatment, her coworkers are now commenting on her walking ability at work.

This is a short except from her testimonial:

To see Sonia’s full video testimonial (5 min:05 sec) CLICK HERE

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